Not just another cable manager

Designed with strength, flexibility and ease of install in mind, Linx is the last word in superior cable management.

Loved by installers and users alike, the ‘twist not pull’ linking system ensures that the vertebrae will never pull apart under tension, but detach very easily when twisted sideways. This means that Linx never comes apart while in use, but is incredibly easy to extend and manipulate when needed. Its multipurpose fixing clip enables 3 mounting options – cable tray, wire basket or desktop.

Choose from different lengths for fixed height or sit-stand desks.
Another option is available without the base, for use between
cable trays on sit-stand benches.

› Unique patented linking system
› Incredibly easy length adjustment
› 2 cable compartments
› Large, stable base with dual cable exits
› Very easy to insert cables
› Multiple configurations available for different applications

Vertical Cable Manager

The original vertical cable manager

› Available in black, silver and white
› Dual compartments
› Flexible design provides protection and movement
› Can accommodate cables totalling up to approximately 2.5cms2

Mesh Fabric Sock

Ultra lightweight, flexible cable manager

› Available in black, grey and white
› Soft flexible design is comfortable under your desk
› Can accommodate cables totalling up to approximately 2.5cms2