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Third new Metalicon mat for sit-stand desks unveiled

Its never too late to skate! As you stand on the Balance board your body will instinctively make constant tiny movements so you maintain your equilibrium. This is incredibly beneficial for your health in numerous ways, for example: Sit-Stand Mats Balance Board Sit-Stand MatSKU: AFMBB £269.00 Its never too late to skate! View product Benefits [...]

Second Anti-Fatigue mat for sit-stand desks joins the growing new product category

Our latest anti-fatigue mat features an elasticated breathable structure that focuses on providing an even more comfortable experience when using a sit-stand desk. The Metalicon Comfort Spot anti-fatigue mat measures 640mm by 460mm and uses 30mm of ultra soft cellular cushioning to supply the user with a comfortable, soft and stable surface to stand on [...]

New Anti-Fatigue mat for sit-stand desks marks the beginning of a new product lineup for Metalicon

The thin commercial carpets in most offices may look attractive, but they do nothing much to actually cushion the hard floor beneath, so we have created a group of products specifically designed for sit-stand desks on hard office floors that aid comfort and productivity. First up on the list is our most affordable mat, which provides a highly cost-effective solution [...]

New Metalicon Standing Mats

Debuted at Clerkenwell Design Week 2017, our brand new range of Metalicon standing mats are a welcome addition to our range of office furniture and accessories. With productivity, health and comfort in the workplace becoming more and more emphasised and examined, we are proud to release a trio of products that aid workers at a […]