Show your colours.

Our latest steel mobile pedestal. Spectrum features a unique inset frame, flat front, hidden castors and interchangeable handles.

Spectrum is available in standard and narrow widths and is built to the same premium specifications as CUBE pedestals. Every pedestal includes a pen tray, central locking and drawer dividers.

Also available in mobile caddy version.

Choose white.

All Spectrum steel pedestals come with white handles as standard to match their fully white steel construction.

Choose from 6 stock colours.

Upgrade from standard white handles to choose one of 6 stock colours. Colours include black, orange, green, blue, yellow and red.

Choose from over 250 RAL K5 Classic colours.

To really match and promote your brand colours to the max, upgrade to one of 200+ RAL K5 classic colours. Each handle will be professionally painted and coated to ensure your colours shine and last.

Or choose
a caddy version.

Spectrum is also available as a 900mm wide mobile caddy in left hand or right hand side configuration with a tambour door and double shelf system.

Caddys are supplied in an all-white steel, with standard white handles which can also be upgraded to a choice of 6 stock colours or one of over 200 RAL classic colours.

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