Comfort PU

Anti-fatigue mat.

The thin commercial carpets in most offices may look attractive, but do nothing much to cushion the hard floor beneath. So we have created a group of products specifically designed for sit-stand desks on hard office floors that aid comfort and productivity.

The first of these products features soft PU cushioning that is both highly durable and lightweight.

Comfort spot.

Anti-fatigue mat.

Featuring all the same health benefits as the Comfort PU mat, the Comfort Spot mat adds a touch of luxury, with an elasticated, breathable structure and soft touch woven fabric.

This mat is great with shoes on or off!

Balance Board.

It's never too late to skate!

As you stand on the Balance board your body will instinctively make constant tiny movements so you maintain your equilibrium. This is incredibly beneficial for your health in numerous ways; for example:

  • It activates and tones muscles in your back, core, legs and ankles
  • Boosts the metabolism increasing alertness and calorie consumption
  • Increased alertness means increased productivity
  • Make long term improvements to ease of movement in your joints, balance, reaction times, core strength and general flexibility and well being
  • Prevents doziness and falling asleep at your desk
  • Improve your appearance with toned calf and leg muscles
  • Activates use of the pelvic area with its unique skateboard-like pivot design, which aids in helps maintaining good normal posture of the neck, shoulders, and back

We already know varying your working day between sitting and standing has terrific health benefits – use a balance board when standing and you will more than double those benefits further.