Pain in the neck?

If you’ve ever finished a long working week, winding away the hours at your desk, thumbs thumping at the keyboard as you pull out all the stops to meet a looming deadline, only to feel like your neck and upper back have been trampled by a heard of wildebeests, then we’ve got news for you, you need a monitor arm!

But what’s wrong with plonking the monitor on a stack of books I hear you cry? Well in short, just about everything…not only does it look horrendous, but your workforce won’t thank you for it. Come to think of it, neither will your superiors. You see, a good monitor arm can remove a lot of pain from the daily grind, allowing your colleagues to focus on getting things done rather than on how bad they feel.

So how can you spot a good monitor arm? Where does it fit into your workspace?

Ideally, your monitor should be an arm’s length away from you and be at a height where you can sit up and keep your neck in a neutral position. A monitor arm not only allows you to control the distance between your monitor and your keyboard, but it also allows adjustment throughout the day as you move your body.

Whilst the physical benefits are undeniable, there is a strong aesthetical argument to be made too. A monitor arm frees up valuable space on a desk which is proven to help productivity…also, the sight of a beautiful super-slim monitor “floating” above the desk is something very pleasing to the eye! The Libero from Metalicon blends sleek, clean lines and an elegant form with a reassuringly robust approach to office ergonomics. What’s more, with a box-to-assembly time of under a minute, it’s easy to see why the Libero is becoming the arm of choice.