Metalicon have released a real first in dual screen solutions – the Libero twin screen mounting rail. What makes it unique is that the twin rail can be fitted as an upgrade to the standard single screen Libero arm in a single click. All other similar solutions on the market require a dedicated support arm for twin screens only, so if the client has started with a solution for single screen and wishes to upgrade to dual they have to replace the whole monitor arm rather than simply adding an additional part. The twin rail fitted to the innovative Libero balance monitor arm is now on display at our dedicated showroom the Design Hub Clerkenwell and has quickly aroused interest in such a flexible system.

The twin screen rail solution is so much better than two separate arms mounted on one base, some other companies’ idea of a “dual screen solution”. The twin rail is more cost effective, means both screens can be adjusted together and most importantly there is none of the struggle to make all the metalwork fit the available space without clashing with the fabric desk screen behind.

The twin mounting rail can actually be fitted to any monitor arm with standard 100mm VESA fixings, using the hand turn screws provided (no tools required) and holds two screens up to 4kg each, subject to the capacity of the monitor arm it is being fitted to. Incredibly the twin rail has enough adjustment to cope with up to two 27″ screens. Alongside the flexibility of the arm it’s mounted on, the twin rail includes hinged pivot points for independent monitor angle adjustment. Metalicon is pleased to provide a dual screen solution which doesn’t compromise on the Libero’s sleek appearance and simplicity of use.

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