New Metalicon Standing Mats

Debuted at Clerkenwell Design Week 2017, our brand new range of Metalicon standing mats are a welcome addition to our range of office furniture and accessories.

With productivity, health and comfort in the workplace becoming more and more emphasised and examined, we are proud to release a trio of products that aid workers at a very low cost, all centred around the way we stand at our sit-stand desks.

Balance Spot

The Metalicon Balance Spot standing mat is an anti-fatigue mat with a cellular structure. It functions as an extremely elastic and breathable base for anyone who wants standing to feel good.

The flexible structure of the mat maintains movement and provides natural exercise for your entire body.

Thanks to the heat-storing structure and a fabric surface material that feels pleasant underfoot, standing without shoes on too feels natural and comfortable.

Balance Board Skateboard

The Balance Board Skateboard is an effective way to maintain some healthy motion and exercise while standing. The structure of the board is soft and quiet which enables natural, comfortable and easy use while working.

Balancing minimizes the feeling of body weight, activates the deep muscles and boosts the consumption of energy.

The Balance Board can be used with and without shoes. Standing on the board without shoes on feels natural and pleasant.

Anti-fatugue PU Mat

Anti-fatigue mats can help to enhance the wellbeing of your employees. – Standing on a hard floor for prolonged periods without anti-fatigue matting can cause pain and discomfort in the lower legs, feet and back. Fatigue reduces concentration and therefore productivity. An anti-fatigue/anti-stress mat is the ideal remedy for this.

Standing still for a prolonged period is very unhealthy because our bodies are made to be in constant motion. Apart from headaches, back pain is one of the most common source of pain worldwide and it is one of the leading causes of fatigue.

Anti-fatigue mats do not only make you comfortable in your workplace, but they can also have a significant positive impact on your overall health. When you stand on your feet in a static position for too long your muscles become constricted and thus the blood flow is reduced. This leads to a state where your heart works harder to supply blood to the constricted areas.

To find out more about our standing mat range CLICK HERE. Or call us on 01502 533444.

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