Evolution or revolution

Until recently, office’s across the UK were a baron wasteland of dull, uninspiring décor, awash with standardised desks, office chairs pulled together from the storage cupboard and monitors seemingly plonked in the most convenient free space, abandoned where they shall remain for all eternity. One could even say that form, style and function were little more than a passing thought. It’s an incredible thought, maybe even scary given how much time we spend at work and in particular, at our desks.

Thankfully modern science, self-awareness and a degree of common sense has meant that we’ve progressed from those dark days. Generally, we understand that our self-being is integral to motivation and success and thankfully, so do our peers.

So is it a case of evolution or revolution? …well this depends on your perspective, but with the invention of wearable technology, we’re moving more than ever and with in-vogue celebrity chefs including Jamie Oliver and Tom Kerridge heavily promoting healthy eating, our waist-lines are shrinking. But the biggest change is surely at work, specifically in the office as big business make changes to create an environment that’s as easy on the eye as it is healthy.

Indeed, many offices are shifting towards hot desking and activity-based workplaces that require collaborative tools to support personnel and technology. Metalicon continues to be at the forefront of product development and technical innovation, fusing style with a flexible approach to workspace ergonomics. Nothing epitomises this more than the i-stand with its intuitive functionality and sleek aesthetics that integrate effortlessly into any workspace. Indeed, the i-stand coverts any standardised desk into a modern sit-stand solution without the need for tools. For details, please visit https://www.metalicon.com/i-stand