Balance Spot

This elastic, comfortably breathable, and ergonomic mat maintains the well-being of your legs and entire body.

Metalicon Balance Spot standing mat

The Metalicon Balance Spot standing mat is an anti-fatigue mat with a cellular structure. It functions as an extremely elastic and breathable base for anyone who wants standing to feel good.

The flexible structure of the mat maintains movement and provides natural exercise for your entire body.

Thanks to the heat-storing structure and a surface material that feels pleasant underfoot, standing without shoes on too feels natural while improving your health.

Health benefits:

  • Reduce swelling of the legs – the large muscles in the thighs and buttocks become activated, which improves the return circulation in the veins.
  • Decrease fatigue to the feet and legs by improving the circulation and metabolism.
  • Boost the consumption of energy, meaning an increase in the burning of fat.
  • Strengthen the small muscles and nerve pathways in the feet – they are forced to constantly detect their position on the elastic surface, in a parallel to walking in nature.
  • By balancing on a flexible mat the deep core muscles of the trunk are activated.
  • Activate the pelvic area, thereby helping to maintain neutral posture for the neck and shoulder area.
  • Feel comfortable, making your work days more enjoyable.

A hook for hanging: While you are sitting or cleaning the floors, the mat can be conveniently hung at the edge of the desk with the hook included.

  • Easy cleaning: Just brush, hoover, or wash with water.
  • The Balance Spot mat is manufactured from environment- friendly and completely recyclable materials.
  • Made in Finland of high quality materials
  • Does not contain nitrile materials (PVC).
  • Size 64 x 46 cm thickness 3 cm
  • Colors: grey and black


Balance Board Skateboard

Balance Board is an effective way to maintain some healthy motion and exercise while standing. The structure of the board is soft and quiet which enables natural, comfortable and easy use while working. Balancing minimizes the feeling of body weight, activates the deep muscles and boosts the consumption of energy. The Balance Board can be used with and without shoes. Standing on the board without shoes on feels natural and pleasant.

  • It decreases fatigue and swelling of the feet and legs, by improving the circulation and metabolism.
  • It increases the return circulation of the veins.
  • It boosts the consumption of energy, meaning an increase in the burning of fat.
  • Balancing on the board activates the deep muscles.
  • Use activates the pelvic area, which aids in maintaining a normal posture of the neck, shoulders, and back.
  • It minimises the feeling of weight in your body.
  • Feeling comfortable and making your work day more enjoyable.

Comes with a hook for hanging: While you are sitting or cleaning the floors, the balance board can conveniently be hung at the edge of the desk with the hook included.

PU Standing Mat

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Anti-fatigue mats can help to enhance the wellbeing of your employees. – Standing on a hard floor for prolonged periods without anti-fatigue matting can cause pain and discomfort in the lower legs, feet and back. Fatigue reduces concentration and therefore productivity. An anti-fatigue/anti-stress mat is the ideal remedy for this.

Standing still for a prolonged period is very unhealthy because our bodies are made to be in constant motion. Apart from headaches, back pain is one of the most common source of pain worldwide and it is one of the leading causes of fatigue.

Anti-fatigue mats do not only make you comfortable in your workplace, but they also have a significant impact on your overall health by improving your circulation. When you stand on your feet in a static position for too long your muscles become constricted and thus the blood flow is reduced. This leads to a state where your heart works harder to supply blood to the constricted areas.

The Benefits of Anti Fatigue Mats

  • Anti-fatigue mats provide better resistance and shock absorption. Almost every business has concrete floors which can damage your legs and joints because they do not provide any resistance or shock absorbency. The number of people that experience lower leg pain is increasing because they are required to stand on that kind of flooring for extended periods of time
  • Anti-fatigue mats provide better circulation for your body reducing the stress on the whole body allowing your blood to flow without any restrictions thus reducing fatigue in the process
  • Anti-fatigue mats reduce compression of the spinal cord. Those long-standing hours affect your spine significantly. When you are standing constantly, your back muscles and spine do all the work in keeping your body straight. Standing on an anti-fatigue mat as they reduce spinal compression by up to 40%