New Metalicon Sit-Stand Desktop Workstations

Another new product released at CDW, Metalicon is proud to announce the release of our new sit-stand desktop workstations.

If you don’t have a sit-stand desk by now, you really should, as the health benefits alone should be enough to convert anyone. Sit-Stand desks are proven to help burn calories and improve your posture. Sometimes it’s just more comfortable to stand and stretch your legs, even if it is just for 10 minutes. Sit-stand desks can help improve staff productivity and wellbeing.

This Metalicon table top solution has the essential ability to easily adjust screen height separately to keyboard height without tools – just instantly slide up or down. This enables the user to easily keep the screens at the correct eye level whether sitting or standing.

Along side the single screen version is a dual screen option. Reap all the benefits of a Sit-Stand desk along with the plus points of using a dual screen.

Studies indicate that dual screens can increase productivity by 20 – 50 percent, so when combined with all the benefits of a Sit-Stand desk, the user achieves a far better working environment that will increase and improve health, concentration and productivity.

For more information and pictures of the units, please click here.

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